Plasson buys out PPA South Africa

//Plasson buys out PPA South Africa

Plasson buys out PPA South Africa

As of 1 March 2015, Peninsula Poultry Appliances (PPA), then owned by Duncan Unsworth, became wholly owned by Plasson, the global poultry equipment supplier headquartered in Israel with a strong presence in more than 90 countries.

The two companies have been working together since 1967, only a year after PPA was founded, and a mere three years into Plasson’s operations.  Over the years it proved to be a very fruitful partnership for both companies and a great many of South Africa’s layer and broiler houses have had long service from Plasson’s poultry feeding and drinking systems.

Leading up to the acquisition date however, Plasson decided that the time was right to make more serious inroads into Africa, not only with their poultry equipment, but also their range of fittings for plastic pipes, which are used in industry, municipal water systems, gas conveyance systems and mines throughout the world.  This, they believed, could best be done by adding a South African subsidiary to their wholly-owned subsidiaries in Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, the United States, Brazil, India and Australia.  What better way to start such a plan than buying a company that has already established itself as one of the most respected poultry housing and equipment suppliers to the South African poultry industry and that has also completed very successful large projects for commercial poultry production in other African countries, including Zambia, Mozambique Zimbabwe and Namibia?

“I thought their offer was quite a reasonable one,” says Duncan. “In this way I can keep doing what I love and don’t have to worry about what will happen to my staff and customers when the time does come for me to down tools and spend more time at the seniors’ tee on the local golf course”.

“Through all my years of working with Plasson, I have come to know them as good people, both in business and otherwise.  They are good people to go with and will do well in this market.”

Itamar Berchman, the sales and marketing manager for Plasson’s Poultry Division, stated that the company has quite a strong long term vision for the South African market and believes the shared values of Plasson and PPA will ensure a seamless changeover in ownership, which will not impact on PPA’s customers in any way other than to improve the service offering as PPA has done over the years.

He says Plasson has no plans to rename or rebrand the company, as PPA is a known entity with a reputation for quality and reliability in both their product offering and service delivery in the South African market.

“Duncan and his team have built a very strong company to be proud of and we are privileged to be in a position to reap the benefit of their hard work over the years,” Itamar says.  “Our goal is to continue offering this quality and reliability to both existing and new customers for years to come.”

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