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Peninsula Poultry Appliances – Housing for Poultry

Who we work with

PPA work with all leading suppliers of poultry houses to the industry, whether for broiler production, breeders or commercial layers. PPA’s wide range of feeding, drinking and ventilation equipment can be installed into and can work with any of the house designs and building types available. The installation of our range of equipment can be adapted to fit any house type.

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PPA Supported Poultry Houses

C-lines Housing

In order to get the most out of its tailor-made prefabricated building concept, C-LINES takes account of all the constraints specific to each project in a special analysis.

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Echo Housing

Echo is one of the market leaders in supplying housing in the poultry industry, our houses are well known and can be seen through out South Africa.

View Echo Housing Website

Chemvet Housing

Over the past 25 years, Chemvet has established itself as a leader in fulfilling the needs of poultry and piggery farmers countrywide, supplying quality housing.

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Klapmuts Engineering

Over the past 15 years we have established ourself as one of the leading Structural Steel and Building Contractors. Supplying Broiler housing in RSA, Angola and Zambia.

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