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Official Authorised Sales and Servicing Agency for SKOV

PLASSON SA (PTY) LTD is the official authorised sales and servicing agent for SKOV, in South Africa and the rest of Africa South of the Sahara. We supply SKOV equipment for Ventilation, Cooling and Control.

Who are SKOV?

SKOV is an industry leader on the international market for climate control and production monitoring of animal production. They have achieved this position by offering producers the most advanced and competitive all-in solutions. They customise their systems to make it possible for their customers to benefit from local climatic and production conditions and thus achieve the best possible production results.

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What SKOV products do why supply and service

Combi-Tunnel Ventilation

SKOV’s Combi-Tunnel Ventilation System is a negative pressure system used in ventilation of poultry production facilities in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world, where there are considerable temperature fluctuations on both a daily and seasonal basis.

Components of the Combi-Tunnel Ventilation system:

As a rule, an Combi-Tunnel Ventilation system consists of the following four elements:

  • Air Intake
  • Air Outlet
  • Controller
  • Interlinking

Click here to view a SKOV PDF on Ventilation Systems


High Pressure Systems – more than Cooling

An LPV system uses high-pressure cooling, which adds atomized water particles to the air in the livestock house. The water particles evaporate in the heated housing air, thereby cooling the air. With correct high-pressure cooling, it is possible to lower the temperature in the livestock house by 2-10°C. This reduction is realisable without the increased air humidity having negative consequences for the animals and litter. High-pressure cooling is very flexible, as it is constructed from standard components that can be easily adapted to the individual livestock house.

  • High-pressure cooling in Tunnel mode
  • Pump unit – complete with filters
  • Piping system
  • Nozzles
  • Automatic control

Lower the temperature with cooling pads

Pad cooling is used in connection with SKOV Combi-Tunnel and Tunnel ventilation systems. Cooling happens when the air is taken in through the pads, which are kept moist by recirculation of the
water. The air passes through these pads and is cooled when absorbing water vapour.

  • Gutter system with integrated water tank


SKOV’s Production Control for Broilers

Production Control

Delivering the best results demands the ability to monitor production continuously and take corrective actions if it takes an unanticipated course. SKOV’s house computer has production modules adapted to broilers with functions that enable systematic monitoring and effective control of production.

  • Production control for broiler producers
  • Advanced feeding technology
  • Recording of water consumption
  • Weighing of poultry
  • Light control increases productivity

View SKOV’s PDF on Ventilation and Control

Production functions for Broilers

  • Feed control:
    • Pan Feeding
    • Chain Feeding
  • Feed programs for filling and feeding
  • Electronic silo weighing with two feed demand sensors
  • 5 silos
  • Water control
  • Water consumption monitoring
  • Light control with light program and dimmer
  • Automatic and manual broiler weighing
  • Recording of animals
  • 5 feed components
  • Feed mixture (drum weigher)
  • Feed consumption monitoring
  • Calculation and display of FCR and PEF
  • Calculation and display of feed and water per animal