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Plasson SA, formerly known as PPA, is established as one of the most respected poultry and piggery equipment suppliers in Southern Africa.

PPA was the very first South African poultry equipment supplier to design and build panel housing in South Africa, a venture that proved so successful that panel housing soon became the industry standard in the country.

PPA, as a group company of Plasson, is the sole supplier of Plasson Livestock feeding and drinking system equipment throughout Africa.  Plasson Livestock is a world-leading manufacturer of Poultry Systems and has been setting the industry standard for 50 years. We assist with equipment, broilers, chicken layers, chicken breeders, chicken houses and all aspects within the industry.

PPA is also the supplier of industry leading climate control and production monitoring equipment for livestock production.  These would include systems and components for ventilation systems, livestock air cleaning and production control, as PPA is the agent for SKOV equipment and products for the poultry industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

PPA can assist you with:

- Poultry Equipment

We stock and supply premium poultry equipment as a member of the Plasson Group.

- Chicken Drinking Equipment

We can supply you with quality chicken drinking equipment for installations, supply and products replacements.

- Chicken Houses

P.P.A works with the top Southern African Chicken House installers to give you the best installation on your farm.

- Chicken Layers

- Chicken Broilers

- Piggery Equipment